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क्रमांक प्रकाशित तारीख वर्णन डाउनलोड
110/12/2012Interview Schedule and list of selected candidate for the interview
210/12/2012Schedule of the interview for Selected candidates.
310/12/2012List of Selected candidates for the Interviews.
422/11/2012Not eligible candidates list for various post
522/11/2012Eligible candidates list for various post
625/10/2012Recruitment for Class III post in various Government Polytechnics under Regional office, Mumbai. Dt. 26/10/2012
717/10/2012Filling of vacant post for shalarth pranali ( For Aided Institute ) Dt. 17/10/2012
816/10/2012Sevarth Pranali for Govt. Inst. ( Dt. 16/10/2012)
912/10/2012Sevarrh Data Format for Aided Inst. ( Dip. & Degree Inst. ) Dt. 12/10/2012
1012/10/2012Sevarth Data of Aided Inst. ( Dip & Degree ) Dt. 12/10/2012
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